Why I Love Cancer Massage

“I love cancer massage. I went through a transplant three years ago, and I had to go through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. You can’t understand what it does to you mentally. It puts you alone. It makes you feel alone facing mortality. Mentally it causes depression, and it creates anxieties, people want to isolate. When you are going through those chemos, and you have those cancers. You want to have people around, but it is exhausting. So, it’s this mental battle. When I was going through that just the fact that somebody would come by to touch me and put their hand on my shoulder, it would change everything about me entirely. It would increase my energy; it would increase my happiness, take me out of depression. Just all those little things. I remember I was told that I have six months to live three times in my life. And I remember all of those times people would just put their hand on me and it would make a huge difference.

Now, up to 15.5 million people in the US are dealing with cancer. Only 20% of them use massage. However, all the studies that have been done by researchers and people like Gale McDonald say that 98% of patients that have gotten a cancer massage as a complementary therapy have had positive results.

I lived through this. As a massage therapist, it almost seems that I would be an ungrateful person If I didn’t continue to educate people on what this can do for them. The things that cancer massage does is it moves blood in your system; it moves oxygenated blood cells. So, if you move that in your body, your body starts to build bone cells, build tissue, it starts to heal. One of the biggest things that I see is that patients come in and for one hour, I get the ability to have them forget that they have cancer. They truly do. They told me that. And it’s the most rewarding thing that I have ever done.”

~ Michael LeVart

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