When was a time you were able to help somebody eat healthy food?

Back in 2012, I had a client. It was a mom who was desperate to figure out how to feed her children healthy meals and get them eat better food. She came to me explaining that her children eat only mac and cheese and chicken nuggets and she couldn’t get them to eat vegetables or home-cooked meals. She didn’t even know what to make them. I spent time with her to figure out what kinds of foods to put together, and how to introduce her children to it. I taught her how to grocery shop and prepare the food and then we looked at additional supplementation that would also be beneficial to fill in all the gaps.

That experience really started to fuel my fire to keep going and realizing that many people want healthier lives. It’s just a lot of information out there and it’s a challenge to navigate it. I want to be their expert. We get insurance agents to help them with insurance, realtors to help us buy a house. I just want to help people navigate the health of their body and be that expert for them because our bodies are our greatest assets.

How did it make you feel?

It is my absolute passion. I am completely on a mission to change the health of this planet one person at a time. It’s what fuels me, its what gets me out of bed every single morning. Knowing that I will touch a life and I will help someone becoming better.

What did it teach you?

I am a mom. I have two kids and a husband, and being able to first and foremost take my knowledge and apply it to my own family and create healthier lives for my children and my husband has been absolutely the biggest thing that I could possibly do. My children were sick kids, often they had a runny nose and colds. My husband had constant allergies and asthma issues. We were able to correct all of that through proper nutrition and few other things. My own personal journey is what inspired me to want and go to help others who are struggling, just like we were.

What is one piece of advice you would share with a large group of people?

I really want to communicate to people the power of the food that they put into their body. Food is our fuel. Its what makes our bodies function and the quality of that food, that nutrition that we put in is either fueling us for health or is fueling us for sickness. We have a huge issue in this country with nutritionally depleted food so the quality of that food is critical.

~Laura Laurie, Living Healthy SanaVita


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