What is the correct approach to creating a healthy lifestyle?

To create a healthy lifestyle, the first thing is, you got to want it for yourself. No one can make you want it. You got to start small, don’t go drastic. Don’t go from eating junk food every day and next you are eating fresh from whole foods. You got to start one week at a time, establishing habits, healthy lifestyle habits. Then grow until it becomes not just a diet but a lifestyle that you stick with until the rest of your life.

I had a client that I worked with for nine months. When she started working out with me, she weighed 170 pounds, she had major back issues and had a lot of confidence issues. The first time I saw her, she brought a picture of a fit couple and pointed out saying “This is my husband, and this is who I want to be.” Flashforward a year later, and she is 129, her confidence is through the roof, and her strength is fantastic. Now, she works out six times a week. I have to tell her to take rest days. Recently she took her first cheat day in two months. Someone who flipped their life around, where before they were out of shape, they had no self-confidence, they had no gym motivation and no goals. Now, a whole new person here a year later. It was entirely life-changing for her. But, she wanted it.

For me, it feels terrific, and it’s an excellent reward. You can see someone’s life turn around. I had clients that thank me for it, but I feel like I didn’t do anything. I was just here coaxing them to go in the right direction, but they are doing the work. If people fall through with what I tell them, it makes the job worth it especially when the client becomes an example for others on how to create a healthy lifestyle.

~Cory Tullock, Strength and Conditioning Specialist


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