If you could share one piece of advice for improving well-being, what would that be?

“Pay attention to your body and become more aware of your body. Pay attention to the signals it’s giving you. Every signal that your body gives you is something that is an alert. Its an alarm that is trying to let you know that something isn’t necessarily working just right, it might need some attention. That’s a big part of what I do. I help people understand what these small signals are before there is a large fire. It’s easier to put out a small thing than it is to put out a big fire. All symptoms have a meaning, so don’t ignore them by taking painkillers to cover them up or to suppress them. Try to rather than to control that symptom, try to understand what it means so that you can either take the appropriate action or seek someone out who can help you decode what’s going on and be a detective to figure out what your body is really trying to tell you. So rather than cursing the alarm or the smoke detector, figure out where the smoke is coming from.

A lot of times people think if they have a fever, they are sick and that they need to take something to suppress that fever. When in reality that fever is the body warming up itself to make an inhospitable environment for whatever bacteria or bug got in. It means that your immune system is on the job and that your body is responding to a threat to try to eradicate that threat. SO, in fact, trying to suppress that fever, you are actually inhibiting your body’s ability to respond. People think they are sick when they throw up or have diarrhea. Well, if you have something that you have eaten or a bug that got into your body through something you breathed in or ingested, its best to get that out as quickly as possible and that’s really what your body is trying to do with both diarrhea and vomiting. Those are the kind of symptoms to pay attention to. Obvious things are neck pain, back pain, and headaches. A lot of people think headaches are normal. They are NOT. A headache is a signal as a symptom that something larger is probably going on. If you’re continuing to take over the counter painkillers or even prescription painkillers trying to suppress your headache, then that’s trying to treat the symptom and affect ignoring the cause.”

~Chris Maffit, Doctor of Chiropractic


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